Do you have any car parks?


We do not have any parking spaces available for our customers however as we are located in a quiet area, most nights you will not struggle to find parking on Jurgens Street, Balaclava Street, Walker Road or down Logan Road.

Do you have a dress code?

We kindly ask that you arrive in smart casual wear as a minimum. As many customers will be coming to visit us for a special occasion, this will help keep the ambiance of the venue high. We request that Men do not arrive in jandals and singlets.

What is your corkage fee?

We welcome guests to bring up to two 750ml bottles (or one magnum) of their own wine. Our corkage fee is $50 per 750ml bottle ($100 for a magnum). As we do stock our own wine and beverages along with offering wine-matchings; we kindly ask that if you require to BYO for a private service that you contact us to make arrangements with us.

Can I take photos or videos?

We welcome photos/videos to be taken of our venue/restaurant/courses and your experience with us however, please refrain from staying on your phone constantly throughout our service as this impacts the experience of our other guests who are seated at the same bar-seating as yourselves. We do not allow loud videos/movies to be played in our venue. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring children?

Children aged 12 and older are welcome at Culture Dining Restaurant. We do not have a children’s menu available and require all younger guests to have the same menu as the adults. For Private Service's we may be able to cater to children as we'll be catering solely to you and your guests; not additional other guests.

While we have had younger diners enjoy the menu fully, the average duration of the meal and the amount of food may not be for most children.


Because of the small, intimate nature of our dining room/space, we do not allow infants or young children during our regular degustation services.

Thank you for your understanding.

Do you require reservations?

Reservations are required for everyone and can be booked directly online through our booking system here.

Are you able to accommodate guests with dietary/allergy restrictions?


We are able to accommodate to many dietary requirements/allergies other than a vegetarian/vegan diet - unless for a private service. We require 72 hours advance notice for all restrictions so that our team can plan either alternative courses or alterations to planned courses to ensure your safety/satisfaction.


Due to the quality and availability of our ingredients, dietary restrictions presented unexpectedly at the table may not be accommodated. We are a small team/restaurant, so we prepare for the reservations we have for the day accordingly to ensure we have as minimal food wastage as possible.


When making a booking, please make note of each guest’s restrictions in as much detail as possible.